It is with no doubt that the revolutionary mind of Cristobal Balenciaga has blessed the shoe industry with very cool and innovative shoes. The label is famous for the revolutionary and innovative shoes, the label is also famous for the use of material in a proper way. The label has had a space at the high table of the fashion influencers. Its immense contributions in the contemporary fashion industry cannot be ignored. The label released the Balenciaga Triple smint green 524039 w09E1 in February 26th.

The heavy-knit sneaker trend has seen to it that there is a revival of similarly grotesque sneakers. Other brands are riding to the new wave and they don’t want to be left behind. The triple S from Balenciaga are not new in the sneaker culture or market, its influence is something that cannot be taken for granted. The Triple S are back again with a Neon Green that is surely going to create a buzz in the streets more so by the sneaker faithful.

The base is dominated by the neon green color. The new sneaker is wholly green you can take a look at prodirectshoes. The brand new sneaker spots leather prominence at the toe box. The leather also runs at the middle and the sideways. The heel and the laces also have a fair share of leather. Material that is heavily used to make the Balenciaga Triple S mint is foam that is doable and also the mesh.

The outsole which always has three layers dominates the upper part. It has an almost clear base but the rubber near the sole that is in the middle is opaquely colored. The other notable feature of this unique brand is the sizing of the imprint of the toe.

The famous green branding of the shoe is maintained on the sides. It is also retained on the part of the tongue of this quite huge shoe. The green mint dots the whole shoe and on looking from a faraway distance it can be seen that it dominates the sneaker. If you have a high affinity for green or rather mint green then definitely this is your choice of the shoe. You will not go wrong with Balenciaga Triple S mint.

The crucial and most important benefit of these shoe is the comfort that comes with it. You cannot compare it with any other shoe. As you can clearly see, it has a very unique and domineering sole. The sole offers a cushion to shocks or forces from the ground. The green also offers a unique color that keeps you in check with what you love or rather the clad you rock on the daily. True Balenciaga fans know that this is a very good shoe in fact one of the best in the sneaker game and owning a pair from our stores, prodirectshoes is not a bad thing.

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