Why Dior B23 Oblique Low Top Sneaker is the Best Converse Sneakers?

If you are a person who every day goes around in tees and jeans or tracks, then surely you look for something very comfortable to put on. Often converse shoes are associated with not being stylish. But when it comes to Dior B23 Oblique Low Top Sneaker, then it is completely a different story.

So, if you are looking for something comfortable to slip in but not to run in, then getting a pair of Dior B23 Oblique Low Top Sneaker will be perfect. Why? Well, first of all, these are Dior sneakers. Moreover, this looks stunning. Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the shoes.

The Upper Look

One might not be a fan of too much branding on shoes. But Dior B23 Oblique Low Top Sneaker is different. It has a canvas upper in a white base. The Dior logo is printed all over in a very creative and stylish manner. The color for the logo is used is black. And that is what creates a stunning and classic contrast. Just like the High Top version of these particular sneakers, this low top version comes with a transparent layer of rubber that wraps around the canvas upper which creates a beautiful look. The laces are made of cotton and flat in style. This pair of sneakers comes with a white toe box that again aids to the contrast that it creates. The midsole that surrounds the shoes is while though on the outer side of the shoes, a black and white strip is designed to add some characteristics.

Amazing Sole

One of the biggest reasons why Dior B23 Oblique Low Top Sneaker has become such popular sneakers for all the wearers is the amazing quality of sole. Generally, people wearing converses complain about the stiffness of the sole which is not comfortable after wearing the shoes for long. But Dior B23 Oblique Low Top Sneaker is a different story altogether. The sole is of amazing quality and is comparatively thicker and softer than other converses. Even though these shoes are not meant for running, yet, when you slip into the shoes, you will get amazing comfort and support while walking and even for a very long time.


Now, let’s talk about styling the shoes for your use. Well, converse or low-top sneakers are designed to use for casual wearing. Hence, when you are sporting this pair of sneakers, you can easily do so with many casual types of dressing. It is very versatile and that is why you can pair it with semi-casual attires too. Shorts, wide sports pants, pair of jeans, Suede pants, lumberjack style shirts, layered attires like shorts and tees, you can wear it with anything. From regular college wear to dance with some foot-tapping number, you can do anything with these shoes.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order for Dior B23 Oblique Low Top Sneaker today.


Are you looking for the most casual converse that you can wear every now and then and yet flaunt the luxury? Shop for Dior B23 Oblique Low Top Sneaker.